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GDS Corp

GDS Corp builds fixed gas detection systems for industrial applications and customers including refineries, pipelines, compressor stations, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, & more.

About GDS Corp :

With over a decade of experience working with fixed gas detection systems, we design the highest quality, dependable gas leak detectors for your industry. We have experience with refineries, pipelines, compressor stations, chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and many other environments; Reliability and Ease of Use is at the core of our equipment. Our toxic and combustible gas detectors ensure the air quality is safe, even in the most hazardous areas.

By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and software, we custom configure the ideal set of gas detectors and sensors, sample-draw monitors, flame detectors, and alarm controllers for your unique application. We understand how critical reliable gas detection systems are for secure operations. That’s why we listen to your needs and use our skills to provide the best solutions for you — keeping you and your crew safe.

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Gas Detectors

If hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is released into an environment, early detection of the chemical compound is critical. As a leading manufacturer of NRTL-certified fixed gas detectors, GDS Corp implements highly reliable gas leak detection. Our electronic gas sensor technology monitors combustible gases for confined spaces with ease and accuracy. 

Odorant Monitors

GDS Corp odorant monitors measure the amount of hydrogen sulfide or mercaptan/THT odorant blends in natural gas pipelines. Often used to provide more rapid and consistent measurements as compared to manual sniffers, the GDS-68XP and GDS-68SXP provide an automated record of odorant levels throughout a gas distribution system where accurate measurements are essential.

Flame Detectors

Manufacturing facilities and chemical plants alike require flame detection technology with high-speed response times to detect radiant energy and prevent hydrocarbon fires. GDS Corp offers SPECTREX optical flame detectors designed to operate in the harshest environmental conditions. Partner with GDS for custom system solutions designed to detect fires caused by hydrocarbons, hydrogen, or flammable metals

Process Monitors

Highly flexible GDS Corp Process Monitors can be used to measure hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen levels, carbon dioxide and methane in gas streams that contain low or no free oxygen. The GDS-68XP is designed to operate toxic gas sensors in low-oxygen streams, and the GDS-78XP is designed for infrared combustible or CO2 sensors or toxic gas measurements with 10% or higher oxygen levels.

Open Path Gas Detectors

The Spectrex Open Path gas detection system uses advanced infrared technology and precise point detectors. The state-of-the-art open path detectors recognize hydrocarbons over a “line of sight” range of 7 to 200 meters. Authorized for use in hazardous areas and fashioned to perform under severe weather conditions, the Quasar series provides safety and accuracy when detecting gas.

Wireless Gas Detection

GDS Corp Wireless Gas Detection Systems deliver the reliability of wired systems with the ease of installation and setup unique to wireless devices. Our solutions include wireless combustible and toxic gas monitors, controllers, and dedicated alarm stations.

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